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Box of TEMA
Box of TEMA
Box of TEMA

Box of TEMA


Selection of ten different tea blends in our minimalist tubes, accompanied by our popular stainless steel strainer. Everything is artisanally made and packaged with care inside a light and quality crafted wooden box. Enjoy this tea experience in peace or share it with your loved ones.

What's Included:
1 Tube of Cosmopolitan
1 Tube of Sunshine
1 Tube of Remedy
1 Tube of Serenity
1 Tube of Grace
1 Tube of Bliss
1 Tube of Contentment
1 Tube of Matcha Iri Genmaicha
1 Tube of French Earl Grey
1 Tube of Silver Needle
1 Stainless Steel Ball Strainer
10 Pieces of Tea Paper Filters
Wooden Box