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Leisure Set
Leisure Set
Leisure Set
Leisure Set

Leisure Set

Wax Sachet

A beautiful package filled with several small and wonderful products! Your recipient will be able to sample several different aromas, and paired with a handmade Wax Sachet, he/she will enjoy the added charm to daily living.


  • 1 Botanical Wax Sachet

  • 3 Fragrance Oils (fragrance of your choice)

  • Kaminari Pillow Box wrapped in thick luxurious ribbon

  • Includes a blank gold-foiled Message Tag

Recommended occasions: A baby-shower gift, baby's one-month gift, casual gift, appreciation gift, thank-you gift and birthday gift.

How to Order:
Please list three different Fragrance Oils (no duplicates of the same fragrance) on the "Notes" section upon check-out. Options will be random if no note is attached.
Aromas available: Lavender / Rose / Clementine / Pine & Eucalyptus / Matcha

Pillow Box size: Width 16cm, Length 26cm, Thickness 6cm